Trendcharge Fastcable X32 EV charging cable CEE 32A

Trendcharge Fastcable X32 EV charging cable CEE 32A


Trendcharge Fastcable X32 | built-in EVSE | CEE 32A | 22kW

790 € incl. VAT

653 €

Charging cable with built-in EVSE for charging from CEE 32A sockets which enables maximum power draw of 22kW.

These sockets are regularly used in garages of family houses and in idustrial parks, but EV manufacturers marginalize them. It's common practice that electric car supports 1x32A charging or even up to 3x32A, but manufacturer does not provide sufficient equipment for it. That's why we are offering our sollution.

Our solution combines user-friendliness with top-rank safety. Although it is the smallest design on the market with 22kW electric vehicle supply equipments, the relays are dimensioned for more than 150% of continuous rated current. The control electronics performs self-diagnosis whenever plugged in and if there is something wrong, it indicates the problem by appropriate flashing light. Checked error states include high temperature of the device, welded relays or defective switching transistors. Also input voltage level and continuity of zero and protective wire is checked during the operation to prevent the damage of the car. And finally should there be a residual current detected (RCD), the device automatically disconnects input current to protect the people and property on the output.

Charging cable is also equipped with function to select charging current. This is useful for cars which do not support this function natively.

The owners of electric cars like Tesla Model S (with DualCharger or upgraded high power charger), Smart ED (with 22kW charger) and Renault Zoe will find the most utilization, because these cars are capable of charging up to 22kW of power. Charging cable is also compatible with all cars using Euro-American standard IEC 62196-2 type 2 (so called Mennekes). These cars include BMW i3, VW e-up!, VW e-Golf, Mercedes B-class ED and many others...